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This Yoni Egg is based on the same 1000+ old Taoist tradition to enhance sexual energy and reproductive health, as well as awareness and delight through self-love rituals. 

Our Yoni Egg design uses Obsidian, a known semi-precious stone with unique energetic & healing properties that absorbs negative energies from the body. It is a protective root stone that combats negative feelings and absorbs mental stress and tension. 

Whether you are feeling fatigued, or you are stuck and looking for new ways to balance and improve energy levels related to your root chakra, the daily Obsidian Yoni Egg routine gives you the ultimate spiritual support.

Besides the spiritual benefits, you are also set to experience the expected benefits of yoni eggs such as more intense orgasm, and stronger internal grip for increased sexual satisfaction.

The Obsidian Yoni Egg:

- cleanses your aura and removes all negativity 

- supports growth on all levels & longevity

- awakes wisdom and motivates to explore and open new horizons

- is easy to sterilize and maintain for long-term safe use

Now have a powerful tool for enhancing the pelvic muscles while empowering your root chakra.

Get the Obsidian Yoni Egg with strong healing & grounding properties.